Saturday, July 2, 2011

hey guys ! check out some small qwacky games

Gosh! cant believe those days when we bought this cd for 500rs.. but now its less than 2 mb !

Aladdin Fullversion Megarip [PC]

Aladdin is an adventure game based on Disney’s Aladdin. The player impersonates titular character who embarks on the quest of rescuing kidnapped princess Jasmine. He is accompanied by two loyal friend – monkey named Abu and Gennie. 
Aladdin travels through several locations like Arabian cities, desert, dungeon and mystical caves. Each level is filled with treacherous and lethal traps like trapdoors, spines, dangling orbs or even rolling rocks which one has to avoid cannily. Aladdin faces-off more or less dangerous enemies like city guardians, serpent-charmers, knife-jugglers, bats, parrots and other. One may defeat them by using a sword or tossing apples that Aladdin collects during whole journey. At the end of each stage the player fight a boss character who cannot be killed in simple way. The gamer has to find a remedy to defeat powerful guy.  
While trespassing another locations Aladdin may gather gems or Gennie’s head. One may buy additional ‘life’ from casual merchant for gems. Gennie’s heads give the player extra chances in bonus levels.
The gamer controls Abu in bonus level. One’s goal is to destroy falling pots as many as possible. Accordingly to gained points, the player obtains ‘life’ or other items.  

SIZE: 1.7 mb


used to play this a lot in class 6 .. found it after a long time

Marblee Blast

SIZE - 23 MB

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